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Ding dong, the witch is dead (but her corrupt cult still cashes in on our charity)

Oh happy day! Finally, the World Health Organisation’s Nanny-in-Chief, Dr Margaret Chan, has bitten the dust. As she is replaced this week by Ethiopia’s Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, we bid a fond farewell to the woman who prioritised smoking bans from... Continue Reading →

Can the odd couple curb mission-creep at the wasteful WHO?

If so many people weren’t riding the taxpayers’ back, we often wonder if the opposition to the tidal wave of common sense surging through politics would be quite so shrill. As it is, this weather-event is putting the jobs of... Continue Reading →

A joint initiative on skunk that could help psychotic youth

I’m no great fan of unearned income. But nor am I so steeped in revolutionary fervour that I can’t afford some sympathy for a rich man whose stories of personal tragedy would get less understanding in his club than from the... Continue Reading →

Vaping science: more reason, less zealotry, please

Will no one rid us of these turbulent priests? Because that’s what the health zealots are, and so are their tame academics – such as Dr Andrea King of the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviour at the University of Chicago,... Continue Reading →

WHO shock: ciggies aren’t so bad after all

You may have seen today’s headlines repeating a World Health Organisation warning that, by 2030, eight million people a year around the world – that’s about one in every 1000 of us – ‘would be killed’ by smoking. They mean,... Continue Reading →

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