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Pot calls out kettle: Guardian backs the billionaire who’s lobbying against lobbyists

We all know the Guardian is going broke. Following decades of sloppy management, it is now unable to fulfil its hubristic dreams of digital dominance. The editor is thinking of moving the offices to Manchester to save money (and certainly... Continue Reading →

Technology that could make us all healthier? Government Luddites prefer bans

A good read on Spectator Health this week, highlighting the mindset of health regulators – and how they collude with establishment interests to sabotage digital developments in their field. They may claim to be protecting the public, says the writer,... Continue Reading →

Lure of the forbidden: how graphic booze warnings will backfire with Scotch youth

What kind of expert advocates a law which they know won’t work, which will be an unnecessary imposition – and which may well achieve the opposite of its intended effect? Why, an advisor to the World Health Organisation, of course:... Continue Reading →

While ‘brandals’ destroy the old sin sector, dope-growers hail a new ‘Weedstock’

If the tobacco, liquor and food industries are coming under threat from the World Health Organisation and the plain packaging lobby, then the burgeoning cannabis industry in the US is taking no heed, with new brands being launched every day.... Continue Reading →

Legalised weed’s a great idea. But why do governments demonise everything else?

On Friday, the LibDems said they'd be promising the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in their 2017 election manifesto. Good idea, we thought; the Tories should pinch that policy. It is, after all the trend in such robust democracies as... Continue Reading →

The health tyranny needs to heed the winds of change – or risk its own health…

Unelected, unaccountable, unchallengeable, redundant. Things aren’t looking so good for top-down institutions these days. The EU faces an existential threat. The UN is discredited and toothless. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO), the source of so much policy in so... Continue Reading →

Spoonfuls of sugar? Nanny state says Mary Poppins is a disgrace to the profession

A scourge of our superannuated National Health Service, Ben Spence is ubiquitous this week. Following his rage at state funding for homeopathy in the Independent, he’s now popped up on Spiked to question the government’s ‘preventive’ approach to sugar. True,... Continue Reading →

Trimming the NHS budget is vital. But for real savings, let’s sack the nanny

He’s a wise head on young shoulders, Ben Spence, as his piece in today Independent demonstrates. As well as touching on two of Popla’s bugbears – the National Health Service’s obsession with smoking and its pathologically wasteful prescription-writing – he... Continue Reading →

When scientists and hacks don’t check their facts, why believe them?

‘Fake news’ didn’t exist once upon a time. I say once upon a time, but it was less than a year ago that the phrase entered common parlance. Before then it was ‘misinformation’ or ‘propaganda’ or, if you remember far... Continue Reading →

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