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The Commonwealth hasn’t had such puritan laws since Cromwell was in charge

Out of Europe, and into the world. That was the message of Brexiteers nationwide this time last year: away from a world of regulation, and onwards towards closer ties with the rising economies of Asia, Latin America and our old... Continue Reading →

Can the odd couple curb mission-creep at the wasteful WHO?

If so many people weren’t riding the taxpayers’ back, we often wonder if the opposition to the tidal wave of common sense surging through politics would be quite so shrill. As it is, this weather-event is putting the jobs of... Continue Reading →

Road-testing iQos: ‘If they try to block this, they’re just promoting cigarettes’

Industry insiders claim Philip Morris has invested $2bn in developing the iQos, a nicotine-delivering cigarette-substitute. The product is not only 50 times safer than smoking but is tipped to revolutionise the idea of vaping by mimicking the experience of smoking... Continue Reading →

Vaping science: more reason, less zealotry, please

Will no one rid us of these turbulent priests? Because that’s what the health zealots are, and so are their tame academics – such as Dr Andrea King of the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviour at the University of Chicago,... Continue Reading →

Why fags (not booze, fat or sugar) are the state’s whipping boy

In recent years, the reputations of London higher-learning institutes have not been enhanced by the dreary antics of their student unions. And until this week –when the clique at the School of Oriental and African Studies took the biscuit with... Continue Reading →

Spiking the puritans’ guns

Twenty years ago, a very clever academic called Richard Klein published a book called Cigarettes Are Sublime, a 250-page reflection on the idea that danger and risk make us live more intensely. Now a chap called Rob Lyon has put it... Continue Reading →

Legal marijuana to get preference over cigarettes

The world is set to promote puff as being safer than tobacco, if Canada’s plans are anything to go by. With the country intending to legalise commercially-produced marijuana by 2019, a report in the Ottawa Globe & Mail reveals that,... Continue Reading →

US vape scare stories were based on testing lab rats!

You read it here first, and yesterday: how the US Surgeon General’s intervention into the vaping debate has been met with alarm in the UK – not just by tobacco and e-cig users, but by the entire anti-smoking lobby. Still, full... Continue Reading →

With the experts split on vaping, it’s time for a third way

The US Surgeon General has made his first intervention in the nicotine-delivery debate since e-cigarettes arrived in America – and his findings have alarmed experts on this side of the Atlantic. In his report released this morning, Vivek Murthy MD... Continue Reading →

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