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Sofa, so snobbish. Proposed transport ban on ‘smelly’ food is rubbished on GMTV

Remember when plain-pack proposals and bans for tobacco were excused by public health bodies as being a one-off, exclusively for cigarettes? We suspected it was a lie then, and know it to be one now. It’s the first month of... Continue Reading →

Counter attack! As store chaos spreads, BBC says branding bans don’t work

We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? An individual standing at the counter in a corner shop or supermarket, asking for a packet of cigarettes, becoming more and more irked as the hapless member of staff tries, desperately, to locate the... Continue Reading →

Spoonfuls of sugar? Nanny state says Mary Poppins is a disgrace to the profession

A scourge of our superannuated National Health Service, Ben Spence is ubiquitous this week. Following his rage at state funding for homeopathy in the Independent, he’s now popped up on Spiked to question the government’s ‘preventive’ approach to sugar. True,... Continue Reading →

All blarney, no proof: listen as Irish newsman grills minister over plain-packed cigarettes

Life comes at you pretty fast in the world of regulation. Earlier this week, Australia banned nicotine in vaping fluid, making one of the best developments in the fight against cigarettes illegal overnight, because they felt it acted as a... Continue Reading →

Bonkers EU calorie fixation is another step towards plain-labelled booze

Do any of you recall asking your local MEP, or anyone for that matter, to lobby on your behalf and have the ingredients and calorie counts emblazoned on the side of your favourite whisky or bottle of Chateau Margaux? I... Continue Reading →

Only in Canada: ‘public’ hearing on packaging censors stakeholders

If you bury your head in the sand, as the saying goes, you’ll get your arse kicked. And that, essentially, is the warning now issued by a huge number of Canadians to a virtue-signalling government that has ignored them in... Continue Reading →

Whaaa? From fags to baby milk! Plain packaging nuts just hate commerce

Doesn’t it make you throw your toys out of the pram? Politicians who see themselves as progressive trying to stop companies from marketing their products – in this case on the highly spurious grounds of saving money for constituents? When... Continue Reading →

There’s a crook new ban in Oz that’s making us cranky as a cut snake

It’s not been a good day for tobacco company Philip Morris, after reports surfaced in the Sydney Morning Herald that their new smokeless product, the iQos, faces major regulatory issues and is unlikely to be legalised in Australia. The iQos... Continue Reading →

First, they came after the smokers. Now it’s the hipsters’ turn to worry

They say the world has shifted on its axis and gone awry. There have been omens and portents. And when the Guardian and Observer question a key policy of the healthist state – namely, the elimination of smoking through the... Continue Reading →

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