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Swedes hate booze and fags. Instead, they suck baccy and sail to Denmark for a drink

What is the deal with Sweden? A country once lauded to the point of tedium by any politician of any persuasion on any issue now finds itself inundated with accusations of impending disaster, rank incompetence and wilful blindness. Since Donald... Continue Reading →

Holy smoke: how elitist health campaigners are funding the apocalypse

There has been a spate of stories over the last few months about police raids and seizure of counterfeit cigarettes and illegally smuggled tobacco, noted for their increasing regularity, albeit low profile, as well as the increasing scale of the... Continue Reading →

WHO shock: ciggies aren’t so bad after all

You may have seen today’s headlines repeating a World Health Organisation warning that, by 2030, eight million people a year around the world – that’s about one in every 1000 of us – ‘would be killed’ by smoking. They mean,... Continue Reading →

A new Prohibition: Hull shows how ‘health police’ just create crime

Had Toblerone not hinted that Brexit was behind its recent decision to slim down their distinctive chocolate triangles – ‘in order to maintain current prices’ – how many of us would have noticed? Or rather, how many of us would... Continue Reading →

Pop goes the taxman, as fizzy drinks are regulated

The BBC reports that the mad sugar tax on soft drinks draws nearer – although milkshakes and smoothies will be exempt! No doubt it is the first step in a campaign by #healthists to demonise sugar with the same ferocity as they... Continue Reading →

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