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The youth vote: sarcastic Students for Liberty reject healthist branding bans

Ah, plain and uniform packaging. That most banal of all the nanny-state’s myriad of legislation, and yet somehow, also its most perfidious. A sledgehammer taken to the smoking industry, but an unrelenting sledgehammer that brutalises all in its way and... Continue Reading →

Likeable student shock: new website launched by anti-snowflake youth

According to the comedy ranter Jonathan Pie, in reaction to the politically correct idiocies of their unions and faculties, Britain’s hippest students now think it’s ‘cool to be right wing’. We can’t say we’ve met many of them yet. But... Continue Reading →

The sugar tax: first step towards nanny-state supermarkets

The sugar tax:                                              You can read elsewhere on this site about the flaws and contradictions in the fast-approaching... Continue Reading →

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