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Smoking Laws

Ding dong, the witch is dead (but her corrupt cult still cashes in on our charity)

Oh happy day! Finally, the World Health Organisation’s Nanny-in-Chief, Dr Margaret Chan, has bitten the dust. As she is replaced this week by Ethiopia’s Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, we bid a fond farewell to the woman who prioritised smoking bans from... Continue Reading →

Back at the gates, barbarians threaten us with knock-off fashion and counterfeit fags

When in Rome, they say, do as the Romans do. For free thinkers like us, this can often pose quite the quandary. For all its majesty, Rome has rarely been the seat of liberty. Hardly surprising, for a metropolis named... Continue Reading →

All blarney, no proof: listen as Irish newsman grills minister over plain-packed cigarettes

Life comes at you pretty fast in the world of regulation. Earlier this week, Australia banned nicotine in vaping fluid, making one of the best developments in the fight against cigarettes illegal overnight, because they felt it acted as a... Continue Reading →

Australia’s new anti-nicotine law? Sorry, cobbers, but the Kiwis think it’s hilarious

'Government shows good judgement in its smoking legislation?' Not much of a headline, but that’s what New Zealand has just done, legalising vaping systems that deliver nictotine while maintaining the existing tobacco legislation.  Much more exciting is the news from Down... Continue Reading →

First, they came after the smokers. Now it’s the hipsters’ turn to worry

They say the world has shifted on its axis and gone awry. There have been omens and portents. And when the Guardian and Observer question a key policy of the healthist state – namely, the elimination of smoking through the... Continue Reading →

Charge of the light-up brigade! (Someone has blundered…)

You can recruit him at 17, and send him up against terrorists without the right body armour. You can brutalise him and turn him into a cold-blooded killer. You can expose him to living hell in a war launched on... Continue Reading →

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