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Plain Packaging

While ‘brandals’ destroy the old sin sector, dope-growers hail a new ‘Weedstock’

If the tobacco, liquor and food industries are coming under threat from the World Health Organisation and the plain packaging lobby, then the burgeoning cannabis industry in the US is taking no heed, with new brands being launched every day.... Continue Reading →

Sofa, so snobbish. Proposed transport ban on ‘smelly’ food is rubbished on GMTV

Remember when plain-pack proposals and bans for tobacco were excused by public health bodies as being a one-off, exclusively for cigarettes? We suspected it was a lie then, and know it to be one now. It’s the first month of... Continue Reading →

If only Australia would buy into Jamie Oliver’s bullshit. Then we could be rid of him

  Cast your mind back to feverish June, when for a few days it seemed possible our next Prime Minister might be that bounder Boris. For all his brio, it wasn’t exactly a comforting prospect. But while storm clouds gathered,... Continue Reading →

Legalised weed’s a great idea. But why do governments demonise everything else?

On Friday, the LibDems said they'd be promising the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in their 2017 election manifesto. Good idea, we thought; the Tories should pinch that policy. It is, after all the trend in such robust democracies as... Continue Reading →

At least they’re happy: UK beats off 26 rivals in Europe’s Nanny State Index

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. The former because today marks the publication of Chris Snowdon’s second annual European Nanny State Index – demonstrating once again why our cause is just and must be... Continue Reading →

The health tyranny needs to heed the winds of change – or risk its own health…

Unelected, unaccountable, unchallengeable, redundant. Things aren’t looking so good for top-down institutions these days. The EU faces an existential threat. The UN is discredited and toothless. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO), the source of so much policy in so... Continue Reading →

Don’t believe health hype! Boffins call out lazy, doom mongering media

Last month, the House of Commons Science and Technology select committee published a report claiming that, in order to maintain the trust of the general public, journalists would need to demonstrate ‘fairer’, more accurate reporting of science stories. The report... Continue Reading →

Counter attack! As store chaos spreads, BBC says branding bans don’t work

We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? An individual standing at the counter in a corner shop or supermarket, asking for a packet of cigarettes, becoming more and more irked as the hapless member of staff tries, desperately, to locate the... Continue Reading →

The youth vote: sarcastic Students for Liberty reject healthist branding bans

Ah, plain and uniform packaging. That most banal of all the nanny-state’s myriad of legislation, and yet somehow, also its most perfidious. A sledgehammer taken to the smoking industry, but an unrelenting sledgehammer that brutalises all in its way and... Continue Reading →

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