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Udderly ridiculous: science says dairy is fine, but NHS mouthpiece is in denial

You’ve got to hand it to Public Health England (PHE), the propaganda arm of the NHS and creature of the World Health Organisation. Surrounded by killer facts and research, like the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn, they fight on,... Continue Reading →

Counter attack! As store chaos spreads, BBC says branding bans don’t work

We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? An individual standing at the counter in a corner shop or supermarket, asking for a packet of cigarettes, becoming more and more irked as the hapless member of staff tries, desperately, to locate the... Continue Reading →

Nicky Haslam’s anti-obesity strategy? Bring back fagging (well, smoking, anyway…)

The Daily Mail’s gossip column and Old Etonians are two things that go together rather well, but the diary is not normally where one turns for considered health advice. And why should one? A gossip column is a place of... Continue Reading →

Unclean! Never mind the branding ban. PHE wants to ostracise sick smokers

When my daughter was born, 27 years ago, smoking was already severely restricted inside hospitals. Each floor had a nicotine-stained room – smelling like an ashtray and never cleaned– where patients and visitors could indulge the habit in minimum comfort.... Continue Reading →

From a personal point of view, nudging is no better than nagging…

I would be curious to know if there are any foods out there that don’t come with some scare-story or health warning attached to them. These days you can’t open the pages of the Daily Mail without being told something... Continue Reading →

A new Prohibition: Hull shows how ‘health police’ just create crime

Had Toblerone not hinted that Brexit was behind its recent decision to slim down their distinctive chocolate triangles – ‘in order to maintain current prices’ – how many of us would have noticed? Or rather, how many of us would... Continue Reading →

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