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Nicky Haslam’s anti-obesity strategy? Bring back fagging (well, smoking, anyway…)

The Daily Mail’s gossip column and Old Etonians are two things that go together rather well, but the diary is not normally where one turns for considered health advice. And why should one? A gossip column is a place of... Continue Reading →

Weightwatchers, no thanks. State funded snooping is no way to fight the flab

Why did the report from the American Psychosomatic Society (APS) on its research into over-eating raise our hackles? With a third of US citizens now classified as obese, at least on the BMI index, any research is surely be welcome –... Continue Reading →

No, nay, never: Ireland’s answer to every guilty pleasure

As an eleven-stone, 58 year-old smoker, with an appetite constantly suppressed by skinny roll-ups, I gain some cruel pleasure from seeing my fat friends waddling around. By ignoring the basic rule that intake in energy must not exceed expenditure thereof,... Continue Reading →

At this school, the fat-fascists have had their chips

They’re puzzling folk, the good burghers of Budmouth. You’d think they’d be celebrating that their children are so slim they can be trusted to make their own food choices. But no, the head teacher of the town's sixth-form college is... Continue Reading →

Nestlé’s ‘new sugar’ will let you have your cake and eat it

Nestlé has announced that they have found a way to keep their chocolate as sweet as ever while reducing its sugar content by 40 per cent. And if the method – which allows sugar to dissolve faster and thus taste... Continue Reading →

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