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Udderly ridiculous: science says dairy is fine, but NHS mouthpiece is in denial

You’ve got to hand it to Public Health England (PHE), the propaganda arm of the NHS and creature of the World Health Organisation. Surrounded by killer facts and research, like the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn, they fight on,... Continue Reading →

Call the men in white coats: health zealots’ shop tactics are boggling my mind!

      You know those moments when you think your faculties must be failing? Like when you hear Jeremy Corbyn say he’d build a nuke but wouldn’t fire it? I had one this morning, reading the Times. There at... Continue Reading →

Nicky Haslam’s anti-obesity strategy? Bring back fagging (well, smoking, anyway…)

The Daily Mail’s gossip column and Old Etonians are two things that go together rather well, but the diary is not normally where one turns for considered health advice. And why should one? A gossip column is a place of... Continue Reading →

Trimming the NHS budget is vital. But for real savings, let’s sack the nanny

He’s a wise head on young shoulders, Ben Spence, as his piece in today Independent demonstrates. As well as touching on two of Popla’s bugbears – the National Health Service’s obsession with smoking and its pathologically wasteful prescription-writing – he... Continue Reading →

‘Lifestyle’ prescriptions end: at last, some sense from the Nanny Health Service

Perhaps the perpetual NHS crisis really has morphed into something serious, or perhaps it is just the result of NHS managers seeing sense, but plans are afoot to ensure a number of painkillers and other drugs freely available for much... Continue Reading →

Unclean! Never mind the branding ban. PHE wants to ostracise sick smokers

When my daughter was born, 27 years ago, smoking was already severely restricted inside hospitals. Each floor had a nicotine-stained room – smelling like an ashtray and never cleaned– where patients and visitors could indulge the habit in minimum comfort.... Continue Reading →

Britain’s message to the meddling WHO: ‘Physician, heal thyself!’

You may recall a Little Britain sketch where the spokesman for the Funding Alliance, or some such, made a plea for, well, funding. On and on he went – funding, funding, funding, until you hated the sound of the word..... Continue Reading →

Dr Niemietz to the NHS: ‘Cut the crap’

Had the newspapers' literary pages not given themselves over to round-ups sometime in November, Kristian Niemietz’s Universal Healthcare Without the NHS (Hobart, £7.40) might have received more of the coverage it deserved. That the UK suffers under the weight of... Continue Reading →

For all his faith, AA Gill expected too much from the NHS

There was an undeniable rancour to AA Gill’s final article for the Sunday Times, published in the magazine at the weekend. As reported in the i newspaper, the critic – who died on Saturday –  made swipes at NHS diagnosis... Continue Reading →

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