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Silent majority, mad as hell – Brendan O’Neil speaks out for us hated ‘ordinaries’

Just a day after Christopher Snowdon’s reflections on a decade of the smoking ban, Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill has had his say on it, also in the Spectator. O’Neill has a reputation for forthright argument, and here he does not... Continue Reading →

In Canada, the do-gooders want to warn you of the dangers of skimmed milk!

If voters get the governments they deserve, then we worry for America’s northern neighbours. They seem such a nice, polite nation. What did they do to merit the bunch of busybodies that now want to meddle with their groceries? In... Continue Reading →

Keeping Jezza out is scant consolation. Free thinkers don’t have a dog in the fight

Who do you vote for, if you're a Brexiteer? A libertarian? A free thinker? It's a tough question. The Liberal Democrats are anything but liberal. Labour have never been more big-state than they are today. The Greens and UKIP, supposedly... Continue Reading →

‘Stop the puritans destroying our culture’: Stephen Bayley’s plea in the Independent

While corner shops around the UK endured the chaos caused by new plain-pack rules for tobacco, the Independent newspaper took its time about commenting. But a fortnight after the draconian regime’s introduction, the old bird has flapped down from her... Continue Reading →

If only Australia would buy into Jamie Oliver’s bullshit. Then we could be rid of him

  Cast your mind back to feverish June, when for a few days it seemed possible our next Prime Minister might be that bounder Boris. For all his brio, it wasn’t exactly a comforting prospect. But while storm clouds gathered,... Continue Reading →

At least they’re happy: UK beats off 26 rivals in Europe’s Nanny State Index

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. The former because today marks the publication of Chris Snowdon’s second annual European Nanny State Index – demonstrating once again why our cause is just and must be... Continue Reading →

Udderly ridiculous: science says dairy is fine, but NHS mouthpiece is in denial

You’ve got to hand it to Public Health England (PHE), the propaganda arm of the NHS and creature of the World Health Organisation. Surrounded by killer facts and research, like the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn, they fight on,... Continue Reading →

The health tyranny needs to heed the winds of change – or risk its own health…

Unelected, unaccountable, unchallengeable, redundant. Things aren’t looking so good for top-down institutions these days. The EU faces an existential threat. The UN is discredited and toothless. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO), the source of so much policy in so... Continue Reading →

The youth vote: sarcastic Students for Liberty reject healthist branding bans

Ah, plain and uniform packaging. That most banal of all the nanny-state’s myriad of legislation, and yet somehow, also its most perfidious. A sledgehammer taken to the smoking industry, but an unrelenting sledgehammer that brutalises all in its way and... Continue Reading →

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