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Youtube’s ad sales have the same effect as plain packaging laws

Interesting news this week from the Times, which suggested in a front-page splash that many big brands, including universities, cosmetics companies and car manufacturers, have been inadvertently funding international terrorism through advertising on Youtube. Though these companies claim no prior... Continue Reading →

No taste, no fun, no labels, no tolerance

One doesn't expect the health lobby to have any taste for the pleasures of life. Now it seems they have no aesthetic taste either. According to the little-known but quite fascinating Packaging News (PN), moves are afoot to strip all booze of... Continue Reading →

Killyjoy Christmas: the UK’s ‘dodgy dossier’ for plain-labelled booze

You may have missed a report published at the start of the month, entitled The Public Health Burden of Alcohol and the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Alcohol Control Policies. Produced by Public Health England (PHE), the government agency that likes to think it’s a... Continue Reading →

Health warning! Marketing stunt hijacked by fag-wags

When we reported on the personalised anti-smoking messages launched by enterprising agency Oli + Josie yesterday, it was with grudging admiration. Wit is always a better weapon than a wagging finger. However, we had forgotten the power of mischief against... Continue Reading →

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