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Legalised weed’s a great idea. But why do governments demonise everything else?

On Friday, the LibDems said they'd be promising the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in their 2017 election manifesto. Good idea, we thought; the Tories should pinch that policy. It is, after all the trend in such robust democracies as... Continue Reading →

Even the pink ’un says so: nobody gains from this beating up on ‘bad’ brands

The other day, someone with whom I was arguing told me I was an ‘Ancap’ – that is, a particular type of alt-right loony who pines for an anarcho-capitalist future in which corporate warlords rule and the devil take the... Continue Reading →

A joint initiative on skunk that could help psychotic youth

I’m no great fan of unearned income. But nor am I so steeped in revolutionary fervour that I can’t afford some sympathy for a rich man whose stories of personal tragedy would get less understanding in his club than from the... Continue Reading →

Legal marijuana to get preference over cigarettes

The world is set to promote puff as being safer than tobacco, if Canada’s plans are anything to go by. With the country intending to legalise commercially-produced marijuana by 2019, a report in the Ottawa Globe & Mail reveals that,... Continue Reading →

Has ‘Rasta Nick’ run out of puff?

Nick Clegg – he’s a mixed-up chap, isn’t he? As leader of the LibDems, he was a smoker who supported any initiative to suppress his habit. As a smoker, he was always claiming he’d quit – only to be caught... Continue Reading →

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