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Udderly ridiculous: science says dairy is fine, but NHS mouthpiece is in denial

You’ve got to hand it to Public Health England (PHE), the propaganda arm of the NHS and creature of the World Health Organisation. Surrounded by killer facts and research, like the 7th Cavalry at Little Big Horn, they fight on,... Continue Reading →

The ‘sock puppet’ con: how your taxes pay charities to lobby for lifestyle laws

Interesting findings from the Charities Commission, who are suggesting that trust amongst the Great British Public for charities is plummeting, with only around a third of people believing they are transparent in the aims and methods. Julia Unwin, the director... Continue Reading →

The catch for high-efficiency achievers? Stress kills them quicker than this lot

Have you ever wondered why indulging yourself and relaxing feels so good? That blissful sensation in the wake of a hectic day of sitting down at home, a glass of something intoxicating in hand, safe in the knowledge that you... Continue Reading →

Even the pink ’un says so: nobody gains from this beating up on ‘bad’ brands

The other day, someone with whom I was arguing told me I was an ‘Ancap’ – that is, a particular type of alt-right loony who pines for an anarcho-capitalist future in which corporate warlords rule and the devil take the... Continue Reading →

Choose tech, choose screens, choose anxiety. Or choose a sociable life

‘You can tell a lot about a country from its vices,’ begins Jenny McCartney’s opinion piece in the latest Sunday Times, on the decline of Britain’s traditional poisons – alcohol and cigarettes – and their replacement by, among other things, remorselessly... Continue Reading →

Can the odd couple curb mission-creep at the wasteful WHO?

If so many people weren’t riding the taxpayers’ back, we often wonder if the opposition to the tidal wave of common sense surging through politics would be quite so shrill. As it is, this weather-event is putting the jobs of... Continue Reading →

From a personal point of view, nudging is no better than nagging…

I would be curious to know if there are any foods out there that don’t come with some scare-story or health warning attached to them. These days you can’t open the pages of the Daily Mail without being told something... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle spying: let’s stop it in its tracks

What are we to make of corporate ‘wellness’ initiatives, by which employees are encouraged to wear devices that can provide information on health and lifestyle to their employers? Is this a slippery slope, which will lead to the state implanting... Continue Reading →

It was all right under Harold (but omg, we’re miserable now)

Experts, we can all agree, should stop making predictions based on evidence that is not – and cannot be – scientifically replicated. Their interpretations of the past can be equally shaky, too. However, if there is some academic rigour in... Continue Reading →

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