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In Canada, the do-gooders want to warn you of the dangers of skimmed milk!

If voters get the governments they deserve, then we worry for America’s northern neighbours. They seem such a nice, polite nation. What did they do to merit the bunch of busybodies that now want to meddle with their groceries? In... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle spying: let’s stop it in its tracks

What are we to make of corporate ‘wellness’ initiatives, by which employees are encouraged to wear devices that can provide information on health and lifestyle to their employers? Is this a slippery slope, which will lead to the state implanting... Continue Reading →

It was all right under Harold (but omg, we’re miserable now)

Experts, we can all agree, should stop making predictions based on evidence that is not – and cannot be – scientifically replicated. Their interpretations of the past can be equally shaky, too. However, if there is some academic rigour in... Continue Reading →

British Government set to ban “non conventional” sex acts

The Government, in it's Digital Economy Bill, is set to ban sites which show "non conventional" sex acts - therefore purifying the sexual content and porn that is available online. The acts detailed could involve spanking, acts involving urination, menstrual... Continue Reading →

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