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Keeping Jezza out is scant consolation. Free thinkers don’t have a dog in the fight

Who do you vote for, if you're a Brexiteer? A libertarian? A free thinker? It's a tough question. The Liberal Democrats are anything but liberal. Labour have never been more big-state than they are today. The Greens and UKIP, supposedly... Continue Reading →

Legalised weed’s a great idea. But why do governments demonise everything else?

On Friday, the LibDems said they'd be promising the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in their 2017 election manifesto. Good idea, we thought; the Tories should pinch that policy. It is, after all the trend in such robust democracies as... Continue Reading →

French connection: branding ban is career opportunity for Europe’s smugglers

France is, not without cause, often seen as a bastion of liberty, and political upheaval. The home of revolution, of civil disobedience and of resistance, its people are politically active, and this year, of course, is an election year. But,... Continue Reading →

The Commonwealth hasn’t had such puritan laws since Cromwell was in charge

Out of Europe, and into the world. That was the message of Brexiteers nationwide this time last year: away from a world of regulation, and onwards towards closer ties with the rising economies of Asia, Latin America and our old... Continue Reading →

Likeable student shock: new website launched by anti-snowflake youth

According to the comedy ranter Jonathan Pie, in reaction to the politically correct idiocies of their unions and faculties, Britain’s hippest students now think it’s ‘cool to be right wing’. We can’t say we’ve met many of them yet. But... Continue Reading →

You’ve got to have a meme…

Courtesy of @LibertarianMemes

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