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Sofa, so snobbish. Proposed transport ban on ‘smelly’ food is rubbished on GMTV

Remember when plain-pack proposals and bans for tobacco were excused by public health bodies as being a one-off, exclusively for cigarettes? We suspected it was a lie then, and know it to be one now. It’s the first month of... Continue Reading →

The ‘sock puppet’ con: how your taxes pay charities to lobby for lifestyle laws

Interesting findings from the Charities Commission, who are suggesting that trust amongst the Great British Public for charities is plummeting, with only around a third of people believing they are transparent in the aims and methods. Julia Unwin, the director... Continue Reading →

Swedes hate booze and fags. Instead, they suck baccy and sail to Denmark for a drink

What is the deal with Sweden? A country once lauded to the point of tedium by any politician of any persuasion on any issue now finds itself inundated with accusations of impending disaster, rank incompetence and wilful blindness. Since Donald... Continue Reading →

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