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The health tyranny needs to heed the winds of change – or risk its own health…

Unelected, unaccountable, unchallengeable, redundant. Things aren’t looking so good for top-down institutions these days. The EU faces an existential threat. The UN is discredited and toothless. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO), the source of so much policy in so... Continue Reading →

‘Lifestyle’ prescriptions end: at last, some sense from the Nanny Health Service

Perhaps the perpetual NHS crisis really has morphed into something serious, or perhaps it is just the result of NHS managers seeing sense, but plans are afoot to ensure a number of painkillers and other drugs freely available for much... Continue Reading →

Dr Niemietz to the NHS: ‘Cut the crap’

Had the newspapers' literary pages not given themselves over to round-ups sometime in November, Kristian Niemietz’s Universal Healthcare Without the NHS (Hobart, £7.40) might have received more of the coverage it deserved. That the UK suffers under the weight of... Continue Reading →

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