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The catch for high-efficiency achievers? Stress kills them quicker than this lot

Have you ever wondered why indulging yourself and relaxing feels so good? That blissful sensation in the wake of a hectic day of sitting down at home, a glass of something intoxicating in hand, safe in the knowledge that you... Continue Reading →

Whaaa? From fags to baby milk! Plain packaging nuts just hate commerce

Doesn’t it make you throw your toys out of the pram? Politicians who see themselves as progressive trying to stop companies from marketing their products – in this case on the highly spurious grounds of saving money for constituents? When... Continue Reading →

Choose tech, choose screens, choose anxiety. Or choose a sociable life

‘You can tell a lot about a country from its vices,’ begins Jenny McCartney’s opinion piece in the latest Sunday Times, on the decline of Britain’s traditional poisons – alcohol and cigarettes – and their replacement by, among other things, remorselessly... Continue Reading →

Britain’s message to the meddling WHO: ‘Physician, heal thyself!’

You may recall a Little Britain sketch where the spokesman for the Funding Alliance, or some such, made a plea for, well, funding. On and on he went – funding, funding, funding, until you hated the sound of the word..... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle spying: let’s stop it in its tracks

What are we to make of corporate ‘wellness’ initiatives, by which employees are encouraged to wear devices that can provide information on health and lifestyle to their employers? Is this a slippery slope, which will lead to the state implanting... Continue Reading →

Smoke gets in your eyes? Meet the music-loving medic who doesn’t mind

Few health campaigners have been as tough on cigarettes as Simon Chapman, Emeritus Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Advertising ban? You got him at ‘ad’. Plain packaging? The dirtier green the better. Age restrictions, protection against... Continue Reading →

John Berger, smokin’ to the end (see book offer)

So farewell then, John Berger – polymath, Booker Prize-winning novelist, painter, art critic, cultural interpreter, semiologist, thinking women’s pin-up and – hang on, here’s a new book by John Berger. Announced in the week of his death at the age... Continue Reading →

WHO shock: ciggies aren’t so bad after all

You may have seen today’s headlines repeating a World Health Organisation warning that, by 2030, eight million people a year around the world – that’s about one in every 1000 of us – ‘would be killed’ by smoking. They mean,... Continue Reading →

Dr Niemietz to the NHS: ‘Cut the crap’

Had the newspapers' literary pages not given themselves over to round-ups sometime in November, Kristian Niemietz’s Universal Healthcare Without the NHS (Hobart, £7.40) might have received more of the coverage it deserved. That the UK suffers under the weight of... Continue Reading →

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