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The youth vote: sarcastic Students for Liberty reject healthist branding bans

Ah, plain and uniform packaging. That most banal of all the nanny-state’s myriad of legislation, and yet somehow, also its most perfidious. A sledgehammer taken to the smoking industry, but an unrelenting sledgehammer that brutalises all in its way and... Continue Reading →

Spoonfuls of sugar? Nanny state says Mary Poppins is a disgrace to the profession

A scourge of our superannuated National Health Service, Ben Spence is ubiquitous this week. Following his rage at state funding for homeopathy in the Independent, he’s now popped up on Spiked to question the government’s ‘preventive’ approach to sugar. True,... Continue Reading →

Charge of the light-up brigade! (Someone has blundered…)

You can recruit him at 17, and send him up against terrorists without the right body armour. You can brutalise him and turn him into a cold-blooded killer. You can expose him to living hell in a war launched on... Continue Reading →

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