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Osborne will go nowhere at the Evening Standard unless he watches his back (pages)!  

Like a routed mob, Remainers must find comfort where they can. So no doubt they’ll all be sharing today’s front page from the London free-sheet, the Evening Standard, now edited by George Osborne. It’s what one would expect from this... Continue Reading →

Don’t believe health hype! Boffins call out lazy, doom mongering media

Last month, the House of Commons Science and Technology select committee published a report claiming that, in order to maintain the trust of the general public, journalists would need to demonstrate ‘fairer’, more accurate reporting of science stories. The report... Continue Reading →

Truth decommissioned? South Africa’s BizNews defends bogus tobacco stats

If you think fake news is tough on readers, try being an editor. All day long you’re being bombarded by people with axes to grind, presenting wildly different narratives, and you have to sift through all the noise for cold,... Continue Reading →

When scientists and hacks don’t check their facts, why believe them?

‘Fake news’ didn’t exist once upon a time. I say once upon a time, but it was less than a year ago that the phrase entered common parlance. Before then it was ‘misinformation’ or ‘propaganda’ or, if you remember far... Continue Reading →

For FSA! Spiking the hype that burnt toast gives you cancer

‘Moralists in lab coats’. It’s a nice phrase, from Rob Lyons of Spiked, who was the first to demolish yesterday’s claim by the Food Standards Agency that overcooked chips, browned and fluffed roast potatoes, crisps – and let’s not forget... Continue Reading →

Banning ‘fake news’ is a sideshow. It’s real news that MPs hate

Fans of the Big State – which can already monitor what you read on the internet – will be pleased to hear that it now has ambitions to control what you read there, too: its new targets being ‘fake news’... Continue Reading →

Fake news: there’s fraud on both sides

The world as told by social media is a stream of increasingly outrageous headlines- Germany legalising child marriage, a deadly epidemic in Texas, Pope Francis coming out for Trump. Funny, right. Who could possibly believe the factual vandalism on the... Continue Reading →

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