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Only in Canada: ‘public’ hearing on packaging censors stakeholders

If you bury your head in the sand, as the saying goes, you’ll get your arse kicked. And that, essentially, is the warning now issued by a huge number of Canadians to a virtue-signalling government that has ignored them in... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow’s corner-shop. List of snacks available to over-18s on application

They say that the night is darkest before the dawn, but for every food and drink producer of this sceptr'd isle, the night grows ever darker, and the terrors that emerge from it ever more cruel. From Inverness in the... Continue Reading →

Oh, flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again?

So, with all their beautiful labels and bottles under threat, the Scots are finally waking up to their government’s plans to kill off any pleasure and profit to be had from alcohol, one of their leading exports and industries. Following... Continue Reading →

Can the odd couple curb mission-creep at the wasteful WHO?

If so many people weren’t riding the taxpayers’ back, we often wonder if the opposition to the tidal wave of common sense surging through politics would be quite so shrill. As it is, this weather-event is putting the jobs of... Continue Reading →

First, they came after the smokers. Now it’s the hipsters’ turn to worry

They say the world has shifted on its axis and gone awry. There have been omens and portents. And when the Guardian and Observer question a key policy of the healthist state – namely, the elimination of smoking through the... Continue Reading →

Fidel may have snuffed it – but not his cigars

Still in tumult over Trump, Facebook is now engaging with the Castro Question, with the left producing the utilitarian defence and free-thinkers arguing that the ‘greater good’ is not worth having if it includes persecuting dissenters (and shooting about 10,000... Continue Reading →

Who do you think you are kidding, little Hitlers?

Orwell foresaw it with his Ministry of Truth and, in this new topsy-turvy world, it has come to pass. Words have become mirror-images of themselves. Thus, ‘liberal’ values – with their trigger-warnings and victim culture – now seem to embody... Continue Reading →

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