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Experts: 0. Human nature: 1

So it turns out that, despite Remainiac fears, Britain is tops – with an economy that has grown faster in the last year than any other in the developed world. And you couldn’t top the comment of our Facebook friend... Continue Reading →

Why fags (not booze, fat or sugar) are the state’s whipping boy

In recent years, the reputations of London higher-learning institutes have not been enhanced by the dreary antics of their student unions. And until this week –when the clique at the School of Oriental and African Studies took the biscuit with... Continue Reading →

John Berger, smokin’ to the end (see book offer)

So farewell then, John Berger – polymath, Booker Prize-winning novelist, painter, art critic, cultural interpreter, semiologist, thinking women’s pin-up and – hang on, here’s a new book by John Berger. Announced in the week of his death at the age... Continue Reading →

On the warpath: heap big trouble for the medicine men

A salutary tale from Canada. Thanks to institutional do-goodery on an international scale, the people who invented recreational nicotine consumption – the Native Americans, as we now call them – find themselves with a booming cigarette industry, both legal and... Continue Reading →

Spiking the puritans’ guns

Twenty years ago, a very clever academic called Richard Klein published a book called Cigarettes Are Sublime, a 250-page reflection on the idea that danger and risk make us live more intensely. Now a chap called Rob Lyon has put it... Continue Reading →

Killyjoy Christmas: the UK’s ‘dodgy dossier’ for plain-labelled booze

You may have missed a report published at the start of the month, entitled The Public Health Burden of Alcohol and the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Alcohol Control Policies. Produced by Public Health England (PHE), the government agency that likes to think it’s a... Continue Reading →

Legal marijuana to get preference over cigarettes

The world is set to promote puff as being safer than tobacco, if Canada’s plans are anything to go by. With the country intending to legalise commercially-produced marijuana by 2019, a report in the Ottawa Globe & Mail reveals that,... Continue Reading →

With the experts split on vaping, it’s time for a third way

The US Surgeon General has made his first intervention in the nicotine-delivery debate since e-cigarettes arrived in America – and his findings have alarmed experts on this side of the Atlantic. In his report released this morning, Vivek Murthy MD... Continue Reading →

iQos: the future of smoking?

Philip Morris has announced that they are aiming for a smoke-free future, following the UK release of their new 'nicotine stick', the iQos. The product, which heats tobacco instead of burning it, is significantly safer than regular cigarettes. And –... Continue Reading →

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