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For FSA! Spiking the hype that burnt toast gives you cancer

‘Moralists in lab coats’. It’s a nice phrase, from Rob Lyons of Spiked, who was the first to demolish yesterday’s claim by the Food Standards Agency that overcooked chips, browned and fluffed roast potatoes, crisps – and let’s not forget... Continue Reading →

Old Snowdon’s Almanack: 365 days in the healthist state

No, you cry, not another end-of-year review! We've only just recovered from the morose Charlie Brooker’s scornful run-down of the past 12 months. But here's one that might make you chuckle, even though it's just as much a catalogue of human folly.... Continue Reading →

For all his faith, AA Gill expected too much from the NHS

There was an undeniable rancour to AA Gill’s final article for the Sunday Times, published in the magazine at the weekend. As reported in the i newspaper, the critic – who died on Saturday –  made swipes at NHS diagnosis... Continue Reading →

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