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Wasting police time: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s smoking purge is a gift to New’s York mafia

News from across the pond last week suggested that all was not well in the Land of the Free – despite the best efforts of President Trump to repeal more regulation than passes into law from now on. The bombastic... Continue Reading →

Oh, flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again?

So, with all their beautiful labels and bottles under threat, the Scots are finally waking up to their government’s plans to kill off any pleasure and profit to be had from alcohol, one of their leading exports and industries. Following... Continue Reading →

US vape scare stories were based on testing lab rats!

You read it here first, and yesterday: how the US Surgeon General’s intervention into the vaping debate has been met with alarm in the UK – not just by tobacco and e-cig users, but by the entire anti-smoking lobby. Still, full... Continue Reading →

Health warning! Marketing stunt hijacked by fag-wags

When we reported on the personalised anti-smoking messages launched by enterprising agency Oli + Josie yesterday, it was with grudging admiration. Wit is always a better weapon than a wagging finger. However, we had forgotten the power of mischief against... Continue Reading →

Personal health warnings beat the nanny state’s

Respect to London design agency Oli + Josie, who garnered themselves some great publicity on the back of the government anti-smoking messages that got Clarkson and Liddle into such a lather last week. Riffing on the idea of 'personalised packaging' – as... Continue Reading →

iQos: the future of smoking?

Philip Morris has announced that they are aiming for a smoke-free future, following the UK release of their new 'nicotine stick', the iQos. The product, which heats tobacco instead of burning it, is significantly safer than regular cigarettes. And –... Continue Reading →

Never mind post-truth, here’s some pre-truth

In its war on smoking, says the Daily Mail, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is getting ahead of itself – and indeed widening its campaign to include nicotine delivery-systems as well as tobacco. The paper reports that the WHO is advising a ban on... Continue Reading →

Canada proposes draconian legislation on e-cigarettes – despite the evidence

Canada is poised to introduce legislation to regulate the usage and sale of e-cigarettes, following in the footsteps of America and the European Union. Despite the product being hailed for reducing smoking rates and aiding smokers to quit tobacco, Canadian... Continue Reading →

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