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Get yourself down the pub, it’s good for you

We find ourselves in the midst of that time of year, when scrutiny of our national drinking habits intensifies, futile resolutions to cut out alcohol abound, and we are bombarded with studies, statistics and warnings over the effects our consumption... Continue Reading →

Vaping science: more reason, less zealotry, please

Will no one rid us of these turbulent priests? Because that’s what the health zealots are, and so are their tame academics – such as Dr Andrea King of the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviour at the University of Chicago,... Continue Reading →

Why fags (not booze, fat or sugar) are the state’s whipping boy

In recent years, the reputations of London higher-learning institutes have not been enhanced by the dreary antics of their student unions. And until this week –when the clique at the School of Oriental and African Studies took the biscuit with... Continue Reading →

No taste, no fun, no labels, no tolerance

One doesn't expect the health lobby to have any taste for the pleasures of life. Now it seems they have no aesthetic taste either. According to the little-known but quite fascinating Packaging News (PN), moves are afoot to strip all booze of... Continue Reading →

What Putin could teach Sturgeon about hiking drink prices

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Alcohol is cheap in supermarkets, very cheap when on offer or bulk-packed. Which not only encourages binge-drinking and ‘pre-loading’ – often by minors – but allows problem-drinkers access to even more of the poison that’s... Continue Reading →

Who needs temperance with an ‘alcohol pill’?

On the same day the Dutch media reported the euthanasia of a 41 year-old alcoholic who saw no point in going on, researchers at King's College London claim to have discovered a hormone that controls our desire for booze. If this now... Continue Reading →

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