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Swedes hate booze and fags. Instead, they suck baccy and sail to Denmark for a drink

What is the deal with Sweden? A country once lauded to the point of tedium by any politician of any persuasion on any issue now finds itself inundated with accusations of impending disaster, rank incompetence and wilful blindness. Since Donald... Continue Reading →

Bonkers EU calorie fixation is another step towards plain-labelled booze

Do any of you recall asking your local MEP, or anyone for that matter, to lobby on your behalf and have the ingredients and calorie counts emblazoned on the side of your favourite whisky or bottle of Chateau Margaux? I... Continue Reading →

Fake maths: new drink-drive campaign is based on a patently dodgy dossier

If the health lobbies have learned one things from their dealings with the tabloid press, it is that one must never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Take this new push from drink-driving campaigners to have the... Continue Reading →

Booze sponsorship ban: one losing formula for motor sports

Booze sponsorship ban

Experts: 0. Human nature: 1

So it turns out that, despite Remainiac fears, Britain is tops – with an economy that has grown faster in the last year than any other in the developed world. And you couldn’t top the comment of our Facebook friend... Continue Reading →

Why fags (not booze, fat or sugar) are the state’s whipping boy

In recent years, the reputations of London higher-learning institutes have not been enhanced by the dreary antics of their student unions. And until this week –when the clique at the School of Oriental and African Studies took the biscuit with... Continue Reading →

No taste, no fun, no labels, no tolerance

One doesn't expect the health lobby to have any taste for the pleasures of life. Now it seems they have no aesthetic taste either. According to the little-known but quite fascinating Packaging News (PN), moves are afoot to strip all booze of... Continue Reading →

When the problem is the doctor, not the drinker

Another trenchant attack on state bullying in Spiked today, picking up on a story that slipped under the radar last month, about the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. It turns out that NICE wants men who drink more than two-and-a-half... Continue Reading →

What Putin could teach Sturgeon about hiking drink prices

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Alcohol is cheap in supermarkets, very cheap when on offer or bulk-packed. Which not only encourages binge-drinking and ‘pre-loading’ – often by minors – but allows problem-drinkers access to even more of the poison that’s... Continue Reading →

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