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FSSAI ropes in expert panel to review food labelling standards

The labelling regulations have remained the major contentious issue in the food industry which sees it as an impediment to their sales. Image courtesy of Indian Express. The government has put on hold the draft that proposes red-labelling of packaged... Continue Reading →

Growing support for ‘cigarette-style’ warnings on fizzy drinks

A 4-year-old New Zealand child has dental treatment for severe tooth decay. NEW ZEALAND DENTAL ASSOCIATION A proposal to put "cigarette-style" warnings on sugary drinks in a bid to combat obesity, type 2 diabetes and poor dental health is gaining... Continue Reading →

Fight obesity by ditching smoothies, schools told

Sugary cereals may also be banned as ministers aim to cut childhood obesity by half. ISTOCK PHOTO/GETTY IMAGES Smoothies, fruit juices and sugary breakfast cereals all face being banned from school meals in Scotland as part of changes due to... Continue Reading →

Chocolate tax is next unless industry cuts sugar

The food industry faces criticism for failing to reduce sugar levels. LEON NEAL Ministers are planning to impose a sugar tax on food for the first time after the industry failed to hit targets to reduce the amount of sugar... Continue Reading →

The Angry Chef: Anthony Warner on why taxing sugary drinks merely lends weight to snobbery

Illustration by Marie-Helene Jeeves Time will tell if the tax on sugar-sweetened drinks will have any effect on obesity, but, in reality, it is unlikely to change much by itself. Similar measures have been implemented in many parts of the... Continue Reading →

Marks & Spencer’s popular Percy Pig sweets face the chop along with Nando’s refills in bid to tackle childhood obesity

Percy Pigs are accused of promoting sweets to children and could have to be repackaged. Image courtesy of The Sun. PERCY Pig faces being slaughtered as part of the fight to reduce childhood obesity.

Junk food near supermarket checkouts and two-for-one sweets deals to be banned

Two-for-one junk food deals are set to be banned from supermarkets in an upcoming anti-obesity drive. GETTY IMAGES A 9pm television watershed like that for violence and sex will also be introduced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt for foods high... Continue Reading →

Jamie Oliver ruthlessly mocked after asking Twitter users for their ‘go to breakfast’ after calling on MPs to ban Tony the Tiger from Frosties

The celebrity chef asked his followers to hit him up with their best loved most important meal of the day.

FT Health: Cancer optimism tempered by ‘financial toxicity’

Policymakers, as well as physicians and patients, are increasingly concerned about the affordability of cancer drugs. GETTY IMAGES The good news: scientific breakthroughs mean more people are surviving cancer than ever before. The bad news: cases are rising globally as... Continue Reading →

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