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DELINGPOLE: Gender Stereotyping in Adverts Is Great; Banning It Is Dangerous PC Lunacy

 15 Dec 2018 8:02 My favourite advert of the last ten years was probably the “Are you beach body ready?” Protein World poster campaign. Partly I liked it because it featured a hot-looking girl in a bikini, so naturally it... Continue Reading →

Is snacking as deadly as smoking? Nutritionist investigates how experts claim many of the so-called ‘healthy’ snacks aren’t even that good for you

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail. Partial to a 4pm cake break? Perhaps you prefer a mid-morning pot of Pringles? Maybe you’ll grab a protein-rich ‘energy ball’ on the way to the gym, or a healthy-ish cereal bar on the... Continue Reading →

Holyrood to mull cancer warnings on alcohol

Research suggests that as few as three alcoholic drinks a day can be enough to cause liver cancer. RUSSELL CHEYNE/REUTERS Health warnings similar to those posted on packets of cigarettes could soon be attached to all alcohol sold in Scotland.

Calls for coffee cups could get cigarette-style warning labels about plastics threat

Image courtesy of The Sun. Sky Ocean Rescue and Project O, who carried out the research, have worked with celebs including Kate Moss, Harry Kane, Bob Geldof and Cara Delevinge to design their limited edition Pass on Plastic range.

Proposed ‘meat tax’ could increase price of meat by 80% – adding £1.40 to a pack of bacon

Doubling the cost of meat could help combat bowel cancer, heart disease and diabetes, experts say. Image courtesy of The Sun.  Oxford University scientists claim nearly doubling the cost would prevent 6,000 deaths a year by encouraging Brits to eat healthier... Continue Reading →

Yahoo Poll: Will plain packaging be an effective deterrent against smoking in Singapore?

‘Neutral’ packets were introduced in Australia in 2012 with the aim of deglamourising smoking. Singapore will soon be emulating Australia’s plain tobacco packaging methods. The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced it will be introducing standardised plain packaging for all tobacco products, possibly... Continue Reading →

Singapore to introduce plain packaging, larger graphic warnings for all tobacco products

Image courtesy of Channel News Asia. SINGAPORE: All tobacco products in Singapore may soon be required to be sold in plain packaging with graphic health warnings covering at least 75 per cent of the packet.  

Spain to treat online gambling advertising the same as tobacco

Image courtesy of CalvinAyre. Spain’s online gambling operators could face significant new restrictions on their ability to advertise, following a budget deal between the current minority government and a rival party.

Calorie counts to be listed on all restaurant, cafe and takeaway menus

The Department of Health plans have sparked a Cabinet split over the 'burdensome' cost to businesses. TELEGRAPH Calorie counts will have to be displayed on the menus of all restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets under Government plans that have prompted a... Continue Reading →

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