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Silent majority, mad as hell – Brendan O’Neil speaks out for us hated ‘ordinaries’

Just a day after Christopher Snowdon’s reflections on a decade of the smoking ban, Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill has had his say on it, also in the Spectator. O’Neill has a reputation for forthright argument, and here he does not... Continue Reading →

Ten years ago, the smoking ban started. Now liberty itself is going up in smoke

It’s ten years since the introduction of the smoking ban in the UK; ten years since an act of social desecration was carried out against the fibre of British culture. The drive against tobacco, and more recently nicotine, continues apace,... Continue Reading →

Keeping Jezza out is scant consolation. Free thinkers don’t have a dog in the fight

Who do you vote for, if you're a Brexiteer? A libertarian? A free thinker? It's a tough question. The Liberal Democrats are anything but liberal. Labour have never been more big-state than they are today. The Greens and UKIP, supposedly... Continue Reading →

Cape Town’s drive to regulate voluntary risk-taking will lead to a policy car crash

You might recall that some weeks ago the journalist Yael Ossowski went toe-to-toe with the plain packaging brigade in South African publication BizNews. In a bizarre set of circumstances, first BizNews journalist Chris Bateman added an amendment to Ossowski's article,... Continue Reading →

While ‘brandals’ destroy the old sin sector, dope-growers hail a new ‘Weedstock’

If the tobacco, liquor and food industries are coming under threat from the World Health Organisation and the plain packaging lobby, then the burgeoning cannabis industry in the US is taking no heed, with new brands being launched every day.... Continue Reading →

Ding dong, the witch is dead (but her corrupt cult still cashes in on our charity)

Oh happy day! Finally, the World Health Organisation’s Nanny-in-Chief, Dr Margaret Chan, has bitten the dust. As she is replaced this week by Ethiopia’s Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, we bid a fond farewell to the woman who prioritised smoking bans from... Continue Reading →

Sofa, so snobbish. Proposed transport ban on ‘smelly’ food is rubbished on GMTV

Remember when plain-pack proposals and bans for tobacco were excused by public health bodies as being a one-off, exclusively for cigarettes? We suspected it was a lie then, and know it to be one now. It’s the first month of... Continue Reading →

Counter attack! As store chaos spreads, BBC says branding bans don’t work

We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? An individual standing at the counter in a corner shop or supermarket, asking for a packet of cigarettes, becoming more and more irked as the hapless member of staff tries, desperately, to locate the... Continue Reading →

Wasting police time: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s smoking purge is a gift to New’s York mafia

News from across the pond last week suggested that all was not well in the Land of the Free – despite the best efforts of President Trump to repeal more regulation than passes into law from now on. The bombastic... Continue Reading →

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