According to the comedy ranter Jonathan Pie, in reaction to the politically correct idiocies of their unions and faculties, Britain’s hippest students now think it’s ‘cool to be right wing’. We can’t say we’ve met many of them yet. But then, we’re not quite sure what ‘right’ and ‘left’ mean in the new populist era.

What we do know is that a young libertarian movement, which started in North America, is beginning to make purchase over here. Students for Liberty, the organisation behind such stunts as the ‘plain-packaged shop’, has launched a new global website dedicated to freedom of choice in thought, word and deed.

There’s not much on it yet. These things take time. But do note it’s called the Consumer Choice Center (CCC). Don’t mix these guys up with the alt-right: the last thing they want is some kind of Aryan Reich. Rather, they want to fight that hallmark of fascism: state interference in the private realm. And we couldn’t agree more.

The thinking behind ‘no-platforming’ and branding-bans, for example, is the same. Likewise that between mental-health monitoring and ‘lifestyle spying’. Through its new site, SfL intend to gather and publicise stories from around the world on such issues; the CCC will also be acting as a campaigning hub and events-organiser.

We can only hope its posters aren’t banned from campus. If Students for Liberty can help their peers to think outside of the nanny-state’s box, maybe the next generation will not be condemned to the mistakes of the last.

by PoplaStaff