If so many people weren’t riding the taxpayers’ back, we often wonder if the opposition to the tidal wave of common sense surging through politics would be quite so shrill.

As it is, this weather-event is putting the jobs of ‘progressives’ at stake, and they’re fighting for their livelihoods.

All those health’n’safety marketing positions and quango sinecures; those opportunities in the BBC propaganda department or ‘community’ action; those tenures in university departments, and charities and public bodies whose priority seems to be the salaries and perks of their own executives.

It goes all the way to the top, too. In the sporting arena, we all despair of the Olympics Committee. But are their hands any cleaner than those of the EU and the UN; and above all, of the UN’s parabusybody – sorry, medical – arm, the World Health Organisation?

This assembly of the great and do-good is the fount of all the health directives and petty tyrannies that afflict our daily lives, as they are adopted by their associates down the bureaucratic food chain, and Popla has pointed the finger at them before .

The WHO’s record on smoking and vaping would be enough to make anyone worry about their record. Now, it appears President Trump may want to look at their books as part of his review of US funding to the UN. After our own PM sent back the doctors’ bill with several items queried, reports the American Spectator, the Supreme Wotsit may also be preparing to shoot up the surgery.

To which we say: good. The WHO spends hundreds of millions every year trying to engineer the lifestyles of Westerners with enviable rates of mortality and morbidity. It holds endless reviews and commisions and conferences in order to adopt resolutions about brand marketing – of alcohol, sugar, tobacco and a myriad other products – which filter down into national legislation and offend the principles of a free, and free-market, society.

The organisation needs to prioritise. There are 800 million people in world without access to clean water. Three times as many lack adequate sanitation. Before raising their New Jerusalem, to misquote Trump, they should build a toilet.

by Julia Dixon