You may recall a Little Britain sketch where the spokesman for the Funding Alliance, or some such, made a plea for, well, funding. On and on he went – funding, funding, funding, until you hated the sound of the word..

We certainly remember it every time we hear the same chorus from the NHS, the Arts Council and the myriad quangos that batten on the Treasury. And our response is always the same. Screaming at the telly, ‘Not with our sodding taxes, you self-serving twerps!’

That’s why we’re all for a rigorous overhaul of UK international aid (which recently spent £5 million on an Ethiopian version of the Spice Girls). Why we support Trump’s admonition to the slacker NATO nations to pay their whack. Why we’d send in the forensic accountants to the UN and the rotten European Commission.

And why we rejoice at the UK government’s warning that it will halve its annual £100 million donation to the World Health Organisation (WHO) if it doesn’t put its financial house – and its medical priorities – in order by April.

Read Ben Spence’s article in the Spectator today to learn just how the WHO wastes your money. (African campaign for veganism, anyone?) But be warned that it could raise your blood pressure. And then the WHO might have to form a committee to issue a directive – for adoption by national governmental health information departments – advising you to have a walk round the garden.

by PoplaStaff