They say the world has shifted on its axis and gone awry. There have been omens and portents. And when the Guardian and Observer question a key policy of the healthist state – namely, the elimination of smoking through the erosion of brand-identity and marketing – then you know that there has been a realignment of the spheres.

After all, here are the twin media pillars of the metropolitan liberal elite (MLE) rowing back from ‘expert’ opinion and state intervention; and acknowledging that plain packaging festooned with grisly health warnings stifles trade, increases crime and infringes on individual consumers’ freedom of choice.

Why? Because the Guardian has belatedly realised what free-thinkers have been saying all along: the health Nazis won’t stop at tobacco. Now the denizens of Hoxton can see this ‘de-branding’ being carried into the alcohol industry – targeting the craft still and brewery as much as the multinational fizz-merchant – they finally understand how the medical establishment is intent on altering the very fabric of their precious lives. Cultivating discernment is tricky when no one can promote themselves as different or special.

Have a read of the Observer piece highlighted above, maybe over a unit of unbranded alcoholic beverage (gin, beer, wine, all the bottles looking the same). Contemplate our future if we don’t fight back against the puritans who are determined to mould human nature into a joyless worship of Health above all other gods, for its own sake alone. Like our Facebook page. And remember that, with all political bets off and the MLE in disarray, there hasn’t been a better time for people-power in 50 years.

Maybe we should even be even agitating for a re-think of the tobacco rules, once we’re out of the EU? Make a big, Trumpist gesture? That would certainly put the wine bores back in their box.

by PoplaStaff