It’s the first day of President Trump’s America, and the wailing among those who opposed him drones on. The ‘progressives’ continue to convince themselves that there is a brooding, backwards underclass waiting to spill forth with all its hate and bile, now it has cheated and battered its way to the Oval Office.

Step forward Spiked’s Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator, with a timely reminder of why we now have a POTUS Trump. As he explains, it is that very misunderstanding of so many American people – the whole process of ‘othering’ the working man, the religious soul, the conservative and the downtrodden – that has led America’s chosen people to Trumpland. Perpetuating the image of ‘the basket of deplorables’ is what has created the deplorables.

‘You turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them. You treated people like trash,’ rails O’Neill. ‘People don’t like being treated like trash.’

A more accurate assessment of the situation is harder, frankly, to come by. This is a self-inflicted wound. Eight years ago, the Democrats held the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court and the White House; in two presidential terms, they have spectacularly lost all four through sheer arrogance.

Unless those on the end of this defeat come to terms with it, and change their attitude and rhetoric, it will be a long four years for the Democratic Party. And that’s assuming President Trump doesn’t fancy sticking around in 2020…

by Edward Baer