One doesn’t expect the health lobby to have any taste for the pleasures of life. Now it seems they have no aesthetic taste either. According to the little-known but quite fascinating Packaging News (PN), moves are afoot to strip all booze of the distinctive labelling and marketing that enhances its enjoyment.

The state’s first move towards interfering in the alcohol industry is already underway with the Scottish Government’s efforts to torpedo one of the country’s greatest exports, whisky, by introducing minimum pricing. In PN, Mike Rigdway of the Consumer Packaging Manufacturers’ Alliance now from urges people to wake up to the new plain-packing threat.

As we’re already seeing with tobacco, such moves can have serious implications not just on the nature of the industry (a savage act of vandalism on well-crafted and cultivated brands and a blatant devaluation of intellectual property) but also on associated sectors, not least printing and advertising.

‘It has always been the objective of the public health lobby to turn their attention to other market sectors’ claims Rigdway, adding ‘alcohol would obviously be high on the target list.

‘The effect on the packaging industry, should it come about, would be enormous.’

Will a trip to the off-licence ever be the same? What monstrosity might be forced onto bottles of fine wine? Have the healthists stopped to consider the effect this might have on the livelihoods of all those people who depend on the drinks industry? Of course not. Fanatics will stop at nothing in the pursuit of their goals.

by PoplaStaff