No, you cry, not another end-of-year review! We’ve only just recovered from the morose Charlie Brooker’s scornful run-down of the past 12 months. But here’s one that might make you chuckle, even though it’s just as much a catalogue of human folly. A healthist timeline for 2016, it’s another gem from Christopher Snowdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs, listing all the occasions on which the lifestyle lobby tried to challenge people’s patience last year.

The examples given are as numerous as they are absurd; too numerous, indeed, to list here. But some real favourites include the Chief Medical Officer’s (or ‘Nanny-in-Chief’ as she doesn’t like to be called) suggestion that women should think about breast cancer every time they pour a glass of wine, or the time Action On Sugar discovered, to their amazement, that ice cream contained sugar.

And who could forget when the Scottish Government set about introducing minimum pricing on alcohol? Or that occasion when ‘various mendacious scumbags’ actually pressed for an outside ban on smoking?

A thorough perusal is a good way to while away an afternoon, but be warned: re-reading all the times people tried to shove their noses in your business can lead to high blood pressure, and seriously damage your health.

by Edward Baer