The sugar tax:                                             

You can read elsewhere on this site about the flaws and contradictions in the fast-approaching levy on soft drinks. You can read on other sites how a new breed of student – let’s call them Generation Heatwave – is beginning to rebel against the no-platform-no-risk culture of Britain’s campuses.

And if Canada is anything to go by, you’ll soon be reading much more about the latter taking issue with the kind of meddling represented by the former; and more about such stunts as the Nanny State Store run by the Canadian-based Students for Liberty (SfL)

SfL, which tours this pop-up space round the vast country, will be arriving in the national capital of Ottawa next week, to remind citizens that regulation of choice – classically embodied by plain-packaged tobacco – is the worst possible way to change social attitudes to consumer goods.

The #healthist panjandrums of Canada, like those in the UK, are already urging further regulation of ‘fast’ food, confectionery and soft drinks. Ever aware of the slippery slope, SfL satirises such ambitions by displaying a range of mocked-up foodstuffs in government-warning livery.

As SfL’s David Clement says: ‘Do we want a government that treats adults like children? Or do we want a society that respects an adult’s freedom to choose?’ Look at these images, and you see his point.


by PoplaStaff