The BBC reports that the mad sugar tax on soft drinks draws nearer – although milkshakes and smoothies will be exempt! No doubt it is the first step in a campaign by #healthists to demonise sugar with the same ferocity as they have tobacco. (See the future, above.) But without a monitor on every cafe sugar-bowl, how, exactly, is this equitable? As Gavin Partington, of the British Soft Drinks Association, says: “There is no evidence worldwide that taxes of this sort reduce obesity, and it is ironic that soft drinks are being singled out for tax when we’ve led the way in reducing sugar intake, down over 17% since 2012.” Industries are not immune to public feeling, and Popla can’t help thinking it would be better to encourage the lead by taken by such firms as  Nestle than go down this contradictory and unnecessarily authoritarian route.

by PoplaStaff