The Advertising Standards agency has banned the latest Heinz Beanz advert after 9 viewers complained that it could be dangerous to imitate and breached health and safety standards.

The advert, the #CanSong, encouraged viewers to learn how to play a song with a can of baked beans, which was imitated and posted online.

Sky News is reporting that Heinz disagreed, claiming people were shown tapping the sealed tin so they could not put hands or fingers inside it.

The company continued, and said the fact that consumers had uploaded their own versions of the song on to social media sites showed it was “evidence that copying the ad was not prejudicial to their health or safety”

However, the ASA has pulled the advert – saying “we told Heinz to ensure that future ads did not condone or encourage behaviour that prejudiced health and safety, including behaviour that could be dangerous for children to emulate, for example by featuring open tin cans being used to play music.”

They also pointed out that advert did not tell viewers to make sure the can was safe before undertaking the #CanSong – intimating that viewers need to be told how to conduct themselves in a safe manner – as of course they cannot think for themselves and undertake their own safety.

No injuries have been reported – but the mere fact that someone could have cut themselves (by inserting their hand into a tin of beans, which is frankly something everyone knows poses a risk of cuts from the jagged can edge) has caused Heinz to stop running the advert.

Users on Twitter have reacted with sarcasm to the announcement.