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Pot calls out kettle: Guardian backs the billionaire who’s lobbying against lobbyists

We all know the Guardian is going broke. Following decades of sloppy management, it is now unable to fulfil its hubristic dreams of digital dominance. The editor is thinking of moving the offices to Manchester to save money (and certainly... Continue Reading →


Silent majority, mad as hell – Brendan O’Neil speaks out for us hated ‘ordinaries’

Just a day after Christopher Snowdon’s reflections on a decade of the smoking ban, Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill has had his say on it, also in the Spectator. O’Neill has a reputation for forthright argument, and here he does not... Continue Reading →

A Liddle comfort: our Rod mourns the decade-long war on British social life

The smoking area in Old Queen Street must be one of the liveliest and most stimulating places on Earth these days. Hot on the heels of Christopher Snowdon and Brendan O’Neill weighing in on the tenth anniversary of the smoking... Continue Reading →

Ten years ago, the smoking ban started. Now liberty itself is going up in smoke

It’s ten years since the introduction of the smoking ban in the UK; ten years since an act of social desecration was carried out against the fibre of British culture. The drive against tobacco, and more recently nicotine, continues apace,... Continue Reading →

In Canada, the do-gooders want to warn you of the dangers of skimmed milk!

If voters get the governments they deserve, then we worry for America’s northern neighbours. They seem such a nice, polite nation. What did they do to merit the bunch of busybodies that now want to meddle with their groceries? In... Continue Reading →

Fine whine: plain packing vintages like fags will fuel rising fraud, says Spectator

Wine fraud raises an interesting philosophical question. Say you believe yourself to have had a pleasurable taste experience, for which you have been happy to pay a handsome price – and say you have been misled over the taste or... Continue Reading →

Technology that could make us all healthier? Government Luddites prefer bans

A good read on Spectator Health this week, highlighting the mindset of health regulators – and how they collude with establishment interests to sabotage digital developments in their field. They may claim to be protecting the public, says the writer,... Continue Reading →

Baccy madness! Aussie laws are driving decent sheilas into the arms of gangsters

If the Australian Liberal Senator David Leyonhjel ever needs a new job, he might consider writing social-realist novels. This Antipodean Zola has just penned a wonderful parable about the interactions between 'little people' and a state that ignores both them... Continue Reading →

Lure of the forbidden: how graphic booze warnings will backfire with Scotch youth

What kind of expert advocates a law which they know won’t work, which will be an unnecessary imposition – and which may well achieve the opposite of its intended effect? Why, an advisor to the World Health Organisation, of course:... Continue Reading →

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