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Now farmers are threatened by the lifestyle police

When the England's countryside springs to mind, ‘bureaucracy’ is seldom the first word to accompany it. Her green and pleasant land is a place of custom, of order based on long-established ways of life, rather than of Orwell’s hectoring ‘Nosy-Parkers’. But if... Continue Reading →

How health reformers patronise the poor

From the land of the green Huntsman boot comes a piece of research to make all snowflakes ponder. A study from Exeter University reveals that (shock, horror yah?) the total armoury of the nanny state is as naught in affecting... Continue Reading →

HMP Dartmoor: bring back smoking, say screws, before ‘Spice’ gets out of control

Whether prisons work is a topic for another day. Whether it works to turns them into no-smoking environments is the problem confronting their operators today. Despite failed appeals in court (one claiming that a prison cell is in effect a... Continue Reading →

Vaping science: more reason, less zealotry, please

Will no one rid us of these turbulent priests? Because that’s what the health zealots are, and so are their tame academics – such as Dr Andrea King of the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviour at the University of Chicago,... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle spying: let’s stop it in its tracks

What are we to make of corporate ‘wellness’ initiatives, by which employees are encouraged to wear devices that can provide information on health and lifestyle to their employers? Is this a slippery slope, which will lead to the state implanting... Continue Reading →

John Berger, smokin’ to the end (see book offer)

So farewell then, John Berger – polymath, Booker Prize-winning novelist, painter, art critic, cultural interpreter, semiologist, thinking women’s pin-up and – hang on, here’s a new book by John Berger. Announced in the week of his death at the age... Continue Reading →

Why fags (not booze, fat or sugar) are the state’s whipping boy

In recent years, the reputations of London higher-learning institutes have not been enhanced by the dreary antics of their student unions. And until this week –when the clique at the School of Oriental and African Studies took the biscuit with... Continue Reading →

Experts: 0. Human nature: 1

So it turns out that, despite Remainiac fears, Britain is tops – with an economy that has grown faster in the last year than any other in the developed world. And you couldn’t top the comment of our Facebook friend... Continue Reading →

No taste, no fun, no labels, no tolerance

One doesn't expect the health lobby to have any taste for the pleasures of life. Now it seems they have no aesthetic taste either. According to the little-known but quite fascinating Packaging News (PN), moves are afoot to strip all booze of... Continue Reading →

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