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The ‘sock puppet’ con: how your taxes pay charities to lobby for lifestyle laws

Interesting findings from the Charities Commission, who are suggesting that trust amongst the Great British Public for charities is plummeting, with only around a third of people believing they are transparent in the aims and methods. Julia Unwin, the director... Continue Reading →

Call the men in white coats: health zealots’ shop tactics are boggling my mind!

      You know those moments when you think your faculties must be failing? Like when you hear Jeremy Corbyn say he’d build a nuke but wouldn’t fire it? I had one this morning, reading the Times. There at... Continue Reading →

Tomb of the unknown snack bar: London students’ brand-free store mocks nanny state

Ah, plain and uniform packaging. That most banal of all the nanny-state’s myriad of legislation, and yet somehow, also its most perfidious. A sledgehammer taken to the smoking industry, but an unrelenting sledgehammer that brutalises all in its way and... Continue Reading →

Back at the gates, barbarians threaten us with knock-off fashion and counterfeit fags

When in Rome, they say, do as the Romans do. For free thinkers like us, this can often pose quite the quandary. For all its majesty, Rome has rarely been the seat of liberty. Hardly surprising, for a metropolis named... Continue Reading →

French connection: branding ban is career opportunity for Europe’s smugglers

France is, not without cause, often seen as a bastion of liberty, and political upheaval. The home of revolution, of civil disobedience and of resistance, its people are politically active, and this year, of course, is an election year. But,... Continue Reading →

Nicky Haslam’s anti-obesity strategy? Bring back fagging (well, smoking, anyway…)

The Daily Mail’s gossip column and Old Etonians are two things that go together rather well, but the diary is not normally where one turns for considered health advice. And why should one? A gossip column is a place of... Continue Reading →

The Commonwealth hasn’t had such puritan laws since Cromwell was in charge

Out of Europe, and into the world. That was the message of Brexiteers nationwide this time last year: away from a world of regulation, and onwards towards closer ties with the rising economies of Asia, Latin America and our old... Continue Reading →

Plain packaged buildings? Don’t put anything past Bristol’s snowflake students

In the same week that Ireland announced the date by which it will strip all branding from cigarettes, and with just weeks to go before the same happens in Britain, a student group has taken it upon themselves to plain... Continue Reading →

Spoonfuls of sugar? Nanny state says Mary Poppins is a disgrace to the profession

A scourge of our superannuated National Health Service, Ben Spence is ubiquitous this week. Following his rage at state funding for homeopathy in the Independent, he’s now popped up on Spiked to question the government’s ‘preventive’ approach to sugar. True,... Continue Reading →

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